Market Scene Build

It’s not all corporates and office blocks in Riot Town. We like to look after the small businesses too, such as Fresh Thai Food and the fruit and veg.

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 08.30.04

We’re still pretty early on in the development cycle of Riot Town, so it’s a juggling act between adding features and coding these little dudes (personally the bit I find more fun and rewarding) and bulking out the actual Kickstarter Level. We have a lot of level design to do, and since we’re making all the assets ourselves this takes a long time. We’re careful to not fall behind too far in either area of development.

There is of course another juggling act at play; adding more things to destroy, yet keeping the game running smoothly for you, the player. It’d be great to have millions of individual carrots stacked up on Fred’s Fruit and Veg stand but as soon as that FPS drops then it’s no longer an option. We want Riot Town to feel as good as it looks, and that just won’t be the case if we lose frames.

That being said, we do need some ideas for what can be sold in the middle stand. Wine? Cheese? Both? Preferably basic shapes so if we can be clever with what we decide then great. It all seems a bit irrelevant really since they’re going to destroy it all anyway, but hey ho. That’s the nature of the game 😀

Here is a little screen recording of the unruly mob destroying the current market. Apologies for the choppiness. I had to use Quicktime to record the screen. I can assure you the frame rate is actually 60+

Who would’ve thought destroying a load of stuff would be so much fun? Said nobody ever.


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