A Green City is a Happy City

An environmental initiative it underway in Riot Town, with the intention to plant hundreds of trees across the city. It is hoped that by adding some greenery to Riot Town it will improve the mental health of it’s residents.


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No citizens were hurt in the making of this GIF. That’s because people in Riot Town don’t die in explosions, it just makes them pissed!


The money you earn through wrecking the town can be spent on upgrades. Here we’re testing the explosion physics. The red cube is the origin of the explosive force. Anyone caught up in explosion will join your riot.

Selection Improvements


This has been on our list for a while; the ability for the player to draw a rectangle on the screen to select which objects to wreck. With some additional UI to indicate an object has been marked for carnage, this feature will be a great addition to overall feel of Riot Town.

Oh you might also notice that these fellas are now bouncing as they walk, like in the Game Jam demo. It looks and feels great!

Emotional Icons

Emotional Icons above the heads of nearby Citizens

Given the extremely temperamental mood of Riot Town we thought it best to give you some indication of how the citizens are feeling. If some carnage occurs close by it will have a negative impact on their mood (a good thing for encouraging recruits).

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